Brand Registry & Protection:

Launching a brand on Amazon is more than just getting sales; it’s about building an identity and a footprint. The path to Registry requires intentional brand management and design, creating a unique and recognizable aesthetic that communicates which items are offered by your company at a glance as well as clearly stating the quality behind each of your products. At Byld Commerce, our team helps you plan out your Amazon brand campaign, preparing each of your new products to fit seamlessly into your plan.

Easy Brand Management:

With Brand Registry, a successful launch for new amazon products becomes simple. With Registry, you can add videos to your product listings, which have been shown to increase sales by nearly 80 percent. Plus, you can link existing top sellers to your new product, directing increased traffic from your current listings and boosting your new product’s click rate without bidding on keywords. The campaign to Amazon branding can be conquered quickly with masterful brand management from the team at Evolved Commerce, enhancing our product launch services and boosting your sales exponentially.

Marketplace Singularity:

We know how to A constantly monitor and kick off unwanted sellers and B list your products through a program that prohibits and prevents any other unauthorized resellers. Once we have control of managing your brand online you will have singularity within marketplaces and never worry about other sellers compromising your MAP and hurting your reputation.